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ZPatterns::Transactions::Kept Class Reference

Inherits ExtensionClass::Base.

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Detailed Description

Thing which has a Keeper to clear its per-transaction cache.

Objects derived from Kept should reference the 'self._v_Keeper'
attribute whenever they need to flag that they have made changes to
their cache that would require it to be cleared.  (Note that '_v_Keeper'
is an *attribute*, not a method, and so should not be called, just

Once this has been done, the next transaction state transition
that occurs (sub/main transaction commit or abort) will cause
the object's Keeper to call for a cache reset.

Subclasses of Kept should define a '__per_transaction_cache_attrs__'
attribute as a sequence of attributes which they would like to have 
deleted from their '__dict__' at reset time.

Definition at line 83 of file Transactions.py.

Private Member Functions

def _clearPerTransactionCache
def _v_Keeper

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __per_transaction_cache_attrs__ = ()
tuple _v_Keeper = ComputedAttribute(_v_Keeper)

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