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def ZPatterns::SkinScript::Methods::SSMethod::manage_edit (   self,
  height = None,
  width = None,
  dtpref_cols = '50',
  dtpref_rows = '20',
  REQUEST = None 

Change the method

Definition at line 44 of file Methods.py.

        """Change the method"""
        if height is not None or width is not None:
            return self._er(title, text, height, width, dtpref_cols,
                            dtpref_rows, REQUEST)

        if type(text) is not type(''):
            text = text.read()
        self.text, self.title = text, title


        if REQUEST:
            message = "Contents updated."
            return self.manage_main(self, REQUEST, manage_tabs_message=message)

    def _er(self, title, text, height,width, dtpref_cols,dtpref_rows, REQUEST):

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