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ZPatterns::Rack::Rack Class Reference

Inherits DataManagers::DataManager, and Transactions::Kept.

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Detailed Description

Basic Rack - supports sheet and attribute provider plugins, as
well as persistent storage of any ZClass object and arbitrary
associated data (using "slots").

Definition at line 42 of file Rack.py.

Public Member Functions

def createItem
def getItem
def getPersistentItemIDs
def manage_pack
def manage_setStorage
def manage_storageOptions
def newItem
def retrieveItem
def storageInUse

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string icon = 'misc_/ZPatterns/rack'
string loadAttrib = ''
tuple manage_options_right
tuple manage_storageForm = HTMLFile('www/storageForm', globals())
string meta_type = "Rack"
string storageInfo = ''

Private Member Functions

def __writeableStorage
def _delSlotFor
def _fromCache
def _getClientID
def _isSelected
def _migrateStorage
def _objectDeleting
def _RawItem
def _readableSlot
def _readableSlotFor
def _setup
def _toCache
def _v_cache
def _v_itemConstructor
def _writeableSlot
def _writeableSlotFor

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __ac_permissions__
tuple __per_transaction_cache_attrs__ = ('_v_cache',)
string __plugin_kind__ = "Rack"
dictionary __readableStorage = {}
 __storage = None
tuple __writeableStorage = ComputedAttribute(__writeableStorage)
 _defaultClass = None
int _initialized = 0
tuple _v_cache = ComputedAttribute(_v_cache)
tuple _v_itemConstructor = ComputedAttribute(lambda s,v=ComputedAttribute(_v_itemConstructor): v)

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