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ZPatterns::DataSkins::DataSkin Class Reference

Inherits DynPersist::DynPersist, Globals::Persistent, and Transactions::Kept.

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Detailed Description

Mixin for objects that want to delegate storage issues externally

Definition at line 42 of file DataSkins.py.

Public Member Functions

def __del_attr__
def __get_attr__
def __init__
def __of__
def __set_attr__
def commitSubtransaction
def manage_afterAdd
def manage_afterClone
def manage_beforeDelete
def manage_delete
def PropertySheet
def PropertySheets

Static Public Attributes

string meta_type = "Data Skin"
tuple propertysheets = VirtualSheets()

Private Member Functions

def _addPropertySheet
def _canonicalForm
def _delegateToSheetProviders
def _delPropertySheet
def _getCache
def _getCopy
def _getTokenFor
def _objectAdding
def _objectChanging
def _objectCreating
def _objectDeleting
def _setRack
def _setSlot
def _v_attrCache
def _v_changedAttrs_
def _v_currentSheets
def _v_readableSlot
def _v_Tokens
def _v_writeableSlot

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __ac_permissions__
tuple __per_transaction_cache_attrs__
tuple _DefaultDataManager = DefaultDataManager()
int _isRackMountable = 1
int _rackMounted = 0
tuple _v_attrCache = ComputedAttribute(_v_attrCache)
tuple _v_changedAttrs_ = ComputedAttribute(_v_changedAttrs_)
tuple _v_currentSheets = ComputedAttribute(_v_currentSheets)
tuple _v_readableSlot = ComputedAttribute(_v_readableSlot)
string _v_status_ = ''
tuple _v_Tokens = ComputedAttribute(_v_Tokens)
tuple _v_writeableSlot = ComputedAttribute(_v_writeableSlot)

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