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def ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::ExternalAttributeProvider::_DelAttributeFor (   self,
) [private]

Delete the attribute and return true if successful

Reimplemented from ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::AttributeProvider.

Definition at line 141 of file AttributeProviders.py.

00141                                           :
        """Delete the attribute and return true if successful"""
        if client._v_changedAttrs_[name] is NOT_FOUND: del client._v_changedAttrs_[name]
        attrs = client._v_readableSlot.get(eaKey,{})
        if attrs.has_key(name):
            del attrs[name]
            client._v_writeableSlot[eaKey] = attrs
            return 1

    # Class Metadata
    meta_type='Persistent External Attribute Provider'

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