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def ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::ExternalAttributeProvider::namesForRegistration (   self,

Return a tuple (readnames,writenames) where each is a sequence of attribute
names which this attribute provider supports reading and writing, respectively.
'*' may be included in either or both sequences, which means the provider will
be called if a more specific provider could not be found for a given attribute.
This is so that attribute providers can potentially create attributes
dynamically based on the requested name.

Reimplemented from ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::AttributeProvider.

Definition at line 155 of file AttributeProviders.py.

00155                                             :
        return {
            'provides':('attributes',), 'getattr': self.Attributes,
            'setattr': self.Attributes, 'delattr': self.Attributes

class ClassExtender(NullProvider,PlugInContainer):

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