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ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::ClassExtender Class Reference

Inherits Products::ZPatterns::Providers::NullProvider, and Products::PlugIns::PlugInContainer.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Thing that provides its contents as attributes

Definition at line 165 of file AttributeProviders.py.

Public Member Functions

def namesForRegistration
def permissionMappingPossibleValues

Static Public Attributes

tuple manage_options_right
string meta_type = 'DataSkin Class Extender'

Private Member Functions

def _AttributeFor
def _DelAttributeFor
def _delObject
def _isBeingUsedAsAMethod
def _SetAttributeFor
def _setObject

Static Private Attributes

tuple __plugin_groups__ = ()
string __plugin_kind__ = 'Attribute Provider'

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