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ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::AttributeProvider Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::AttributeProvider:

ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::ExternalAttributeProvider ZPatterns::AttributeProviders::GenericAttributeProvider

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Detailed Description

AttributeProvider example class.  This attribute provider assumes that
the object containing the attributes is persistent and can save
whatever is desired.  All of its methods would need to be redefined
for providers that implement fixed-schema and/or non-persistence-based

Definition at line 42 of file AttributeProviders.py.

Public Member Functions

def namesForRegistration

Static Public Attributes

tuple Attributes = ('*',)

Private Member Functions

def _AttributeFor
def _DelAttributeFor
def _SetAttributeFor

Static Private Attributes

string __plugin_kind__ = 'Attribute Provider'
tuple _properties

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