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def PlugIns::PlugIns::PlugInGroup::_constructPlugIn (   self,
) [private]

Create a plug-in - used when container wants defaults plugins

Definition at line 515 of file PlugIns.py.

00515                                                   :

        """Create a plug-in - used when container wants defaults plugins"""

        # Use filtered meta types so users can't bypass create permissions
        for meta in self.filtered_meta_types(self.REQUEST.AUTHENTICATED_USER):
            if meta['name']==name:
                method = meta['plugin_add_method']
                product = self.aq_inner.aq_parent.manage_addProduct[meta['product']]
                method = getattr(product, method) # XXX 2.1.x compat
                if not hasattr(method,'im_self'): args = (product,)+args
                return apply(method, args, kwargs)

    # XXX should have different permission for manage_first, but what?

    __ac_permissions__ = (

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