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def PlugIns::PlugIns::PlugInGroup::manage_first (   self,
  ids = [],
  REQUEST = None 

Re-sort plugins, moving selected ones first

Definition at line 456 of file PlugIns.py.

00456                                                 :
        """Re-sort plugins, moving selected ones first"""

        container = self.aq_inner.aq_parent

        l = getattr(container, self.attr, None) or []

        l = filter(lambda x,ids=ids: x.id in ids, l) + \
            filter(lambda x,ids=ids: x.id not in ids, l)

        setattr(container, self.attr, l)

        if REQUEST:
            return self.manage_main(self,REQUEST,update_menu=1,
    def manage_cutObjects(self, ids, REQUEST=None):

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