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LoginManager::UserSources::BasicUserSource Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A way of getting user objects, and implementing their innards

Definition at line 125 of file UserSources.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def authenticateUser
def cacheClear
def cacheGet
def cacheGetAuth
def cacheSet
def cacheSetAuth
def comparePassword
def domainsForUser
def encodePassword
def extractSalt
def manage_mappings
def role_mappings_list
def rolesForUser

Static Public Attributes

int cache_expire = 900
 cacheSet__roles__ = _what_not_even_god_should_do
 cacheSetAuth__roles__ = _what_not_even_god_should_do
string icon = 'misc_/LoginManager/usersource'
tuple manage_mappingsForm = HTMLFile('www/mappings', globals())
tuple manage_options_left
string meta_type = "Basic User Source"

Private Member Functions

def _map_roles
def _zclassOK

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

string __plugin_kind__ = "User Source"
 _defaultClass = LoginUser
tuple _properties

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