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LoginManager::LoginManager::LoginManager Class Reference

Inherits Products::ZPatterns::Specialists::Specialist.

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Detailed Description

Thing that manages LoginMethods and UserSources

Definition at line 174 of file LoginManager.py.

Public Member Functions

def __creatable_by_super__
def __init__
def credentialsChanged
def getItem
def getUserById
def logoutUser
def manage_afterAdd
def manage_beforeDelete
def validate

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 getUser = getItem
string id = 'acl_users'
tuple LoginMethodsGroup
string meta_type = 'Login Manager'
string title = 'Login Manager'
tuple UserSourcesGroup

Private Member Functions

def _isTop
def _setId

Static Private Attributes

tuple __ac_roles__ = ('LoggingIn',)
tuple __plugin_groups__ = (UserSourcesGroup, LoginMethodsGroup)
 _nobody = nobody
 _owner = UnownableOwner

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